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1.  asCMS - Web Portal System http://www.linuks.net/
...asCMS is an easy-to-use, powerful PHP-based web portal system with many features. It gives you full control over the whole design process....
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2.  SiG Development Current version 0.0.7 http://dev.sig.mine.nu/
...SiG Development Current version 0.0.7...
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3.  myPHPNuke.com http://myphpnuke.com/
...Knocking em down, One bomb at a time!...
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4.  SourceForge: Project Info - Back-end http://sourceforge.net/projects/back-end
...Back-end is a PHP/MySQL application that allows the webmasters of small/medium websites to create and manage a dynamic website....
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5.  thatware.org - thatware.org http://thatware.org/
...thatware.org - thatware.org...
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6.  Terra Cotta Software http://www.terracottasoftware.com/
...A collection of website design and management tools, data architectures, and programming libraries. It is useful for the modular implementation and maintenance of web applications, and for resource sharing between them....
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7.  drop.org http://www.drop.org/node.php?id=411
...Like PHP-Nuke and Thatware, Drupal is a news publishing and content management system, but is more modular in design....
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8.  phpWebSite - Appalachian State University http://phpwebsite.appstate.edu/
...phpWebSite - Appalachian State University...
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9.  LOGICIEL-FR http://btp.logiciel-fr.com/
...Logiciel-fr.com: Tout sur le monde des logiciels (programmation ,création, 3d, tests...)...
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10.  phPortal - A personal web portal for php http://www.dansteinman.com/php/phportal/
...phPortal is a DHTML/PHP/MySQL-based portal designed to be your ultimate Netscape "Start Page". phPortal currently comes built with the following modules:...
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