XForum 2.0 features

admin - 02/06/2003 22:55

As you can see, we now are working hard on the new XForum 2.0 release. Why 2.0 and not 1.82 or 1.9 ?
Because when we need to have a new template system to fit on both PostNuke and iXprim CMS.

XForum could run on Xoops and PhpNuke too, but, it's my personnal choice, I don't want to help these two communities. (for the moment - we will see in the future... - there are too many code and copyrigth thieves... in France)

Then, of course, XForum will be release to Postnuke and iXprim. I'll give you the complete changelog in a few days.

Last but no least, I would like to say that Trollix has nothing to sell. He works only for fun. So if you don't like XForum or don't like to wait, please switch to another forum. We will not run against the TIME.

A lot of people tell me and email me to say that XForum have no support. I answered that:
1) I answer when I have time to answer
2) I answer when I know the solution
3) I answer when the solution is not IN forum.
4) I AM NOT alone. Help yourself and others help you.

So, now, I'm happy to write the 2.0 version.
I hope you will like it.


Sleazy-Kay - 05/06/2003 08:36

I think Trollix is doing a great job, keep up the goooooood work ;)

XForum is dah real deal

da_tester - 05/06/2003 20:23

Mate, what you are talking about. Your Forum is one of the best and so I'd like to express a hughe


haibinyin2000 - 07/06/2003 04:28

Could you please tell us when it will be available for download?

Sleazy-Kay - 11/06/2003 20:03

hmm, is there any release date set yet?

erianor - 15/06/2003 17:10

Let me guess : when it's ready ?

rixride - 16/06/2003 19:43

How does the Upgrade Path Look? Will we have to start from scratch or will their be an "Upgrade Button" :D

Either way we are looking forward to this. one of my communities has 700 members and the other has 7000,
I think giving people the abiliity to upload avatars is a Must if you can that is my biggest complaint on both my sites.

Do you think you could list any new features that will be included in this release or "MAY" be included, I know your not done but it would be nice to get a teaser! :)

Thank Trollix and keep up the great work.

jRuMoL - 18/06/2003 15:04

I am waiting for this new released of Xforum, but i have phpnuke so... ill wait :)
There is a web in Spanish www.spanishare.com where you can found the Xforum 1.81.1 modified so that you can point to your own avatar... very useful, the web is postnuke.

nukeworld - 22/06/2003 08:03

Hi Trollix

Under my testing i found thoose error:

1. OK I found an error in More smilies... --->>> Page not listet
2. Smillies dont work in Preview Post
3. I got this when posting Reply : Lost connection to MySQL server during query

admin - 23/06/2003 16:25

I would like to thank you all who are helping me to debug XForum..
Thanks again for your help

Mac - 26/06/2003 11:16

Unfortunately, I cannot help you in the development, but I love your job and tnx for it, Trollix ;)

kaveman - 07/07/2003 23:03


I'm using your forum and i like it. So i got a question is there a way to get language files before official release??
I would translate it to polish?? If there is a way to do that pleas contact my on my email, if not i'll wait till official release. Thanks

Alderic - 26/08/2003 12:12


news for the changelog and release 's date ?

Good job trollix :)

stpere - 27/08/2003 18:30


on attends avec impatience la release trollix

comme d'habitude felicitation...encore du beau travail

a bientot

stpere - 29/08/2003 14:23

Salut Trollix,

J'imagine que tu as pas mal de boulot.
Mais comme j'aimerai installer xforum sur mon site je me demande quand va sortir la version 2.0
en effet, je n'ose pas trop installer la version 1.81 en attendant pour eviter les bugs (j'ai pn 7.2.6)
Donc ma question est : As tu une date approximative de release pour xforum 2.0 ? meme si c'est eloign, c'est pour se faire une ide.
merci et bon courage

stpere - 17/09/2003 14:52

je vais finir par me faire bannir avec mes questions ;) ...

Trollix ? on a plus de nouvelles ? J'ai peut etre mal traduit ta news sur Xforum 2.0 mais je pensais que tu allais publier cette version rapidement.
Es tu toujours en train de la developper ?

J'aimerai vraiment installer ton forum (je suis un inconditionel de xforum...) mais la version 1.81 ne marche pas bien sous pn 0.726. Est ce que tu attends la version 0.8 de postnuke ?

merci pour ton travail et a bientot


morrissey - 20/09/2003 06:46


When I change my profile (from french to english) on this forum the whole layout of XForum is messing up. I had to created 3 accounts already because of this.
You can try it with my account wildenborch.

Fred van Veen

franz_skaaning - 11/10/2003 11:12

When reading this story I changed my forum right away, I was having memory-problems with my host, and the forum was the place where the users saw them. No one was able to post...

I am using 1.81.1, and its working nicely. Since I only just installed it, no users have useded it yet though.

But I am really looking forward into hearing more about vers. 2, and how it goes. Do you want help? Or do you need testers? I dont want to ask you when its ready, but it would be nice to hear whats still to be done.

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Light_Soul - 05/12/2003 18:53

I want version 2 for POSTUKE!!!

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passionplay - 29/12/2003 14:45


Let's get one thing straight before I begin. XForum is nice to look at and nice in the way it works out of the box.

That being said. Let's get on with the real issues. There are 4 basic fundamental issues.

*************************************************************************** **

1. The ability to post a reply isn't tested in a standard or even a correct way in the old XForum (1.81.1 I think it was). The access list isn't verified correctly, and the 'who can post' isn't honored properly.

I had to go in and code a function specifically to address this shortcoming.

Has this been fixed in 2.0? Do you want the code?

This is just one example. There have been others, but I forget them at the moment.

2. XForum is bulky and convoluted in construction. The pages that display code also houses the protocol for correctly accessing the forum related tables in the database. The entire operation-set is strewn through almost 35 files.

Some might say this is a modular structure.

Unfortunately it's not modular in structure. It's modular in display.

Have you tried to drive XForum or create an add-on that adds a post or reads a post or what not?

Have you noticed the lack of support functions to do these things?

That's because like every other forum out there, XForum suffers from non-modular 'display-is-protocol' design.

I had to package up some of the protocol pieces into functions so that I could auto-create a post with a simple function call - instead of having to spawn a hidden HTTP request which would have to be logged in again etc etc etc.

Is this something that's addressed in 2.0? Do we have a proper API?

3. The whole roll-your-own-database-layer concept is getting old and hard to deal with.

Can we standardize on something like adobdb or pear? Is this coming in 2.0?

4. the settings page doesn't allow me to correctly re-edit old values. I forget the details of what happened way back when, but I know that every time I edited the settings, I would have to go back in and fix by hand somethings that just didn't save correctly and kept getting set to the default.

Has this been addressed in 2.0?

These are real issues that I see with XForum. It is not scriptable. And it is not feature-correct. And it's database layer needs standardization.

And these are not things that people are mentioning in this forum.

I like XForum and would like to see it improve.

Please tell me that 2.0 is more forward looking and loses the 'throw-in-everything-into-the-display' motif and has the appropriate tests completed and a standardized database layer.

I think it's really time for XForum to grow up and take a bow.

Will 2.0 be able to do so?



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Kilmarac - 01/01/2004 23:52

Im looking forward to XForum 2, as long as it keeps the Forum - SubForum method that one of the sites I am maintaining uses.

However, Im a bit disappointed that a PHP-Nuke module isnt being released for it. I realize theres a lot of bad blood about php-nuke, but I recently switched from Postnuke BACK to Php-nuke because Ive found some postnuke issues that are too much of a hassle.

Were hoping to see a php-nuke6.0+ release of XForum soon here.

Fabrizio - 05/01/2004 19:28

Excuse me!
I'm a member of MaxDev Staff (a hack-cms from postnuke)
can I help you in the Test Session and in Italian Translation?

For info please contact me : fabrizio at maxdev dot com

deeps - 19/01/2004 14:33

Do we have a release date yet?

Keep up the good work man ;)

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Xeta - 28/01/2004 00:29

Yea! Great job!!

iinacio - 05/04/2004 05:41

Thank God Ive found XForum! I was crazy about PNphpBB2 and their zillion functions; all I need is a clean an easy forum, like this :D What about this new version of yours?
I just found some minor mistranslations in portuguese_br language (well, I'm brazilian!). I've made my own version correct but maybe that could be useful to someone else. If so, I could send my file...
I have a question too: there's some way to customize the buttons images? They're great, but show english text... Maybe you could send me the original image file - wich image editor you used to make that images?
Sorry for my bad English but, as I've said, I'm brasilian.

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